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About Us

Isfahan Bitumen Production Company (IBPC) is a dynamic and reputable company based in historic city of Isfahan, Iran; actively involved in production and export of various grades of bitumen, a.k.a asphalt cement. We are structured into two divisions namely Petro-Chemical (Bitumen) Division (with an output capacity of 24k MT/month, depending on the season) and Drum Manufacturing Division (capacity of 4k drums/day) to serve the different needs of our valued customers worldwide.

Quality Policy

With thirty two years of solid experience we are committed to provide quality penetration grade bitumen and services to ensure it is delivered within budget, on time and provide Value-for-Money.

- Maintaining an effective quality management system
- Cultivating an environmentally friendly culture
- Providing effective logistics solutions
- Striving to exceed customer’s expectations

Isfahan Bitumen Production Company (IBPC) puts very strong emphasis on commitment and integrity to achieve corporate excellence and to excel in service standards. We are actively involved in supplying various types of penetration grade bitumen to many satisfied customers around the world.

Our Values

Backed by a team of strong professionals Isfahan Bitumen Production Company (IBPC) upholds the above values and strives for perfection at all times.

Isfahan Bitumen Production Company (IBPC) was founded in 1983 out of passion. We understand and appreciate the various cultures and traditions of the modern society. For Isfahan Bitumen Production Company (IBPC) quality, safety, occupational health and environmental management are a fundamental part of its manufacturing, distribution and export of Its products and services, i.e. Bitumen (Asphalt cement) and under this concept, the company has been certified by following organizations:

  • OHSAS 18001:1999 ISO 29001:2003
Certificate No: 08-QEOG-01048-TIC
Range: Health, Safety & Quality Management
Reference: International Standards Organization
  • Iran Hamkar Standard
Certificate No: 611
Range: Standardization and Quality Control
Reference: ISIRI Institute of Standards
  • ISO 17025:2005
Certificate No: DAP-PL-4280.00
Range: Testing and Calibration Laboratories Standard
Reference: International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

We are committed to provide services that meet and surpass the quality policy and customer’s expectations by adhering to the ISO and OHSAS standard’s requirements. We shall work continuously on the effectiveness of the quality management system and towards meeting any applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Note: All costs incurred at the port of dischare are for the buyer's account.

Abidjan Cost Unit
Destination Port 182 $/MT
Bitumen 360 $/MT
Total = 542 $/MT

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